Welsh Revenue Authority - Land Transaction Tax update

15 Mar 2018

"HMRC's regular Talking Points meetings provide ongoing information, guidance and tips to help you to understand tax issues.

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Corporation Tax loss relief

This meeting will look at changes to loss relief for companies from 1 April 2017.

Mon‚ d‚ ay 12 M‚ ar‚ c‚ h 11.30a‚ m to 12.30p‚ m - Register now

Companies House - Restoring a limited company to the register and how to avoid common mistakes

In the last financial year 7,788 companies were restored to the register. This Talking Points meeting aims to help with getting restorations right first time.

We‚ dn‚ esd‚ ay 14 M‚ ar‚ c‚ h 11a‚ m to midday - Register now

New deemed domicile provisions and the tax impact

A high level overview of deemed domicile provisions and the impact of the new reforms for Income Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax. Also high level overview of cleansing of mixed funds and Capital Gains Tax rebasing. Trust protections will not be covered, but will be included in the Talking Points meeting scheduled for 22nd March.

Tu‚ esd‚ ay 20 M‚ ar‚ c‚ h midday to 1p‚ m - Register now

Non-domiciles, offshore trusts ‚ the new regime

A high level look at the changes to the anti-avoidance provisions for non-resident trusts and the impact on non-domiciled and deemed domiciled individuals.

Thur‚ sd‚ ay 22 M‚ ar‚ c‚ h 1p‚ m to 2p‚ m - Register now

Protecting businesses from intellectual property (IP) crime and infringement

This presentation will cover how businesses can protect their IP (trade marks, copyright, etc.). It will highlight various aspects of IP crime, to help businesses keep counterfeits out of their supply chain, avoid the risks posed by using unlicensed software and ensure they aren't inadvertently selling illicit streaming devices.

Fri‚ d‚ ay 23 M‚ ar‚ c‚ h 11a‚ m to midday - Register now


We will share our approach to complaints handling and redress and outline the steps we are taking to improve the service we offer. We will also explain what we are doing to learn from the complaints we receive and how we are making our complaints service more accessible using digital solutions.

We‚ dn‚ esd‚ ay 28 M‚ ar‚ c‚ h midday to 1p‚ m - Register now

Input tax recovery in relation to Option to Tax

This digital meeting will provide a general overview of how an Option to Tax can impact input tax recovery, dispelling some of the myths. We will cover belated notifications and your entitlement to claim input tax.

Thur‚ sd‚ ay 5 A‚ pril midday to 1p‚ m - Register now

If you have any questions for our subject experts more than 24 hours prior to the meeting, please send them to team.agentengagement [at] hmrc.gsi.gov.uk, including the title of the meeting in the ‚ Subject‚ line of your email. Any questions that arise after this time should be submitted during the live meeting.

These interactive meetings run on the ‚ GoToWebinar‚ platform. The organiser will run through how to ask questions on the day."