Tribunals (Scotland) Act 2014 Consultation on Draft Regulations - CIOT and LITRG comments

6 Jul 2017

"Missed our recent Talking Points meetings? Here‚ s your chance to catch up.

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Settling the tax avoidance bills of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): HMRC takes tax avoidance very seriously and, if any of your clients are avoiding tax, this presentation will help you disentangle them. Register and view.

Agent Toolkits: We asked the audience for their views on Agent Toolkits. Find out how Tax Agent Toolkits can help in reducing errors commonly found in tax returns and how other Agents use them. Register and view.

Statutory Residence Test - Split Year Treatment: Principles of split year treatment under the Statutory Residence Test. Cases 1-3 only and the priority order. Register and view.

Double Taxation for Individuals: Dual residence, time limits for Double Taxation claims and Mutual Agreement Procedure. Register and view.

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