Treasury Committee Inquiry into the 2017 Spring Budget and Finance Bill

6 Jul 2017

The Budget Process Review Group published its Interim Report in March, together with a consultation on their findings to date.

Our response refers to the CIOT‚ s joint work with the Institute for Government and Institute for Fiscal Studies, which resulted in the report ‚ Better Budgets: making tax policy better‚ . We note some key aims for a budget process, including transparency, and robust budgetary scrutiny. We also would like to see better public debate and more informed decisions, and put forward some ideas on how to improve these. However, we also note the special constraints on the Scottish budget process, due to the Scottish Parliament‚ s limited tax-raising powers and the reliance on the block grant, which means there is a high degree of interdependence between the UK and Scottish budget processes.

Technical Team