Viewing clients' PAYE codes

Example 1 Just an update to the issue of viewing PAYE codes for clients on their SA online records. Following a call with Online services I was advised that as his SA online record was “dormant” no codes are posted to that record and therefore not available to view or download by me. I did ask if the issue could be escalated to see if there was anyway codes could still be posted even to “dormant” SA accounts and they said no. Once HMRC stopped sending copy codes to agents online access became so much more important. I also asked if come the day of tax accounts online will codes then be available but it is too early for them to answer this. Example 2 One issue was the ability or otherwise to download or view client PAYE coding notices within their HMRC online account. I have on quite a few occasions (and still do) come across situations where coding notices are not available to view online for my clients. Can you please confirm for me if as it appeared to have been said at the meeting, any such cases should be referred to the Online Services Helpdesk? Example 3 There is an emerging issue regarding PAYE notifications. Agents operating payrolls are notified when a new notice is issued. They then log into their Government Gateway account to view those notices - they will have no idea which clients are affected or involved. At present, the notifications are being issued - but when the Government Gateway is accessed, there are no notices available to view. This will no doubt also be the case for employers with their own PAYE. I (we) think that this has been an issue for about a week - and coincides with the point at which revised log in details were introduced by HMRC. May just be a coincidence - or may be a raft of changes were introduced at that point.
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