Problems with 2 step verification for businesses

This problem has been reported to us: The government introduced an extra layer of security to the Government Gateway portal whereby after entering your ID and password you receive by telephone an access code which you enter to finally gain access to your HMRC online account (2SV). For some 10 days it kept returning error messages at the final hurdle, such as “your connection is not private”, “This page can’t be displayed”, “There is a problem with this websites security certificate”. The https in the address bar was crossed out. The person had tried on dozens of occasions using different browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) and also at various times of the day and evening, as well as spending countless hours on the phone to HMRC’s helpdesks. Eventually, the person was able to gain access, because the extra layer of security had been removed so that the access code was no longer required i.e. it went from entering the user ID and Password, straight into HMRC’s services. Then (yesterday?), out of interest, the person decided to test the system once again and HMRC has reintroduced the access code and once again it locks the user out! The user’s problem is unique to Government Gateway, in that they can access online banking / PayPal etc. Is anyone else, or their clients, reporting this issue? Is this a known problem / issue with HMRC login?
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