P800's showing substantial but incorrect repayments

One of our members brought to our attention a batch of P800’s which had been received for clients (who all appear to be within SA), each showing a substantial repayment of over £1,000, but to which the client is NOT entitled. It would be good to hear if this is a more widespread problem, because not only does it raise client expectations, but it requires the agent to spend time dealing with both the client and with HMRC to resolve the issue.
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Slightly different issue, but the layout of P800's has not been changed to embrace the £1,060 transfer of personal allowances. The tax due and the tax payable figures differ by £212 in cases where the allowance has been claimed - but with no explanation in the calculation as to why the figures are different. The allowance is clearly shown in the client's PAYE coding, so it is disappointing that it is omitted from the P800.