Confusion over the issue of 2015/16 Returns

It has been reported that there are contradictory details on the HMRC website regarding the issue of 2015/16 Tax Returns for some Self Assessment cases. In these cases, the screen headed "Your current client" says that HMRC have NOT sent a notice to complete a tax return. Conversely, the "Tax Return Options" screen shows that a return was issued on 6 April 2016, and has not yet been received. We are trying to get an idea as to whether this is a widespread issue or not. Can you please be aware of this issue, and let Working Together at ATT or CIOT know if you come across it. Please keep a note of the clients involved in case we need further details.
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I understand that Trust and Estate Returns in particular are affected, and that in the cases reported, although in one screen it said that a 2015/16 Return had been issued, HMRC have confirmed that this is not the case. So, you could find yourself preparing an SA900 that is not needed.