64-8's - Ability to see SA details on HMRC website - but they claim a 64-8 is not in place.

I have tried to speak to HMRC on the SA Agents Helpline regarding an existing client, and they claim that a 64-8 is not in place, so will not provide the details. What is odd is that whilst talking to HMRC, I was looking at this clients details on line as agent - which suggests that we are registered as appointed agent. Has anyone else experienced this ?
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Jon. I have had this on many occasions and sometimes in reverse when I am registered as the agent (and get to speak to HMRC OK) but the clients details are not showing up on my on line records. The only people who can ever seem to help on this are the On line services help desk (0300 200 3600) but quite why we have to go through this torture and waste of time remains a total mystery. Noel