“Check if you need to fill in a self-assessment tax return” tool

Some individuals are now able to remove themselves from SA because of the introduction of the new rules on taxing dividend and interest income. However, it appears that the HMRC online tool “Check if you need to fill in a self-assessment tax return” at: https://www.gov.uk/check-if-you-need-a-tax-return may need updating as it does not appear to take fully into account the new savings rules. I ran one of my clients’ details through this and it said he does not need to fill in a tax return anymore, but according to my call with HMRC today he is still required to do so because his savings interest exceeds £1,000. I agree, he will need to pay some tax on that excess. I did ask that if HMRC can estimate the taxable element over the £1,000 within his pension code can he then come out of SA, but they said unfortunately not. The online tool only talks about savings or other income over £2,500 untaxed or £10,000 taxed and there is nowhere within this tool that takes account of the new £1,000 interest rule and therefore this gives a taxpayer who perhaps does not have an agent the impression he/she remains outside of the SA system whereas he/she may not. Is it possible for the Institute to make contact with HMRC to find out if they intend to update that online tool or not, and whether or not the advice I was given that a coding adjustment will not allow for removal from SA is also correct advice? I suspect it will all change anyway following the introduction of digital tax accounts!
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