Technical News


The exchange of letters between the CIOT and the Inland Revenue appears below. In November 2003 the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) wrote to the Revenue about the article in Tax Bulletin 65 concerning the decision in the Tullett and Tokyo case. The text of our letter is reproduced below:

The Revenue have now responded to our enquiry on the reinstatement of tax credit claims where photocopied forms TC603D are returned.

IR300 Helpsheet: non-residents receiving retirement annuity income
Earlier this year the CIOT noticed an error in the 2002/03 version of IR300.

We have received the following message from the Tax Credits Office advising members not to photocopy Form TC603D. We have asked the Revenue to confirm that when the original form is submitted the claim will be reinstated to 6 April 2004 (if payments have been terminated) on the basis that not knowing about this photocopying problem constitutes "good cause". We will post up the reply to this query as soon as it is received. In the meantime members should ensure that they send in the original return forms in all new cases.

Revenue answers to recent questions from the Personal Taxes Sub-Committee on Schedule 22 Finance Act 2003
On 8 September 2004 we wrote to the Revenue for some clarification on the impact of Schedule 22 on company takeovers. We have now received a reply and the text of our queries and the Revenue’s response is given below.