Technical News


The CIOT has been informed by the Inland Revenue that this exercise is shortly to take place as part of a programme to ensure that everyone in the industry understands and meets their obligations to apply the correct employment status to their workers.
The Revenue have identified from the data that they hold those contractors who are taxing, under the Construction Industry Scheme, subcontractors who appear to have the characteristics of an employee. 

The ATT put guidance up on their website on 24 March 2004 following discussions with the ASB. This information also appeared in the May 2004 issue of Tax Adviser. Please go to: ATT Guidance.

We thought it would be useful to members to see some examples of the tax credit forms and Notes that will be emerging after 5 April 2004. They fall into three categories:

Claim form for 2004/05
Award notices for 2004/05