HMRC's performance measures

By Technical Team on 05 Dec 2019

HMRC's performance targets are set out in their single departmental plan, updated on 1 October 2019. These include a number of customer-orientated measures such as call handling times and post turnaround. These measures are reported by HMRC on a monthly and quarterly basis.

In this schedule we identify those performance measures and highlight how HMRC has performed against them. We will keep this page updated regularly.

Commentary on latest figures published on 5 December 2019

For the first time in over twelve months, HMRC hits its target for call answering within five minutes, with average times exactly five minutes. It is also (just) meeting its targets around customer satisfaction within digital services, and post cleared within 15 days. It is also consistently comfortably meeting tax credit and child benefits claims targets. However, i-forms performance is below target, as are two other measures, but October shows an overall improvement in performance against these targets.

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