Data and Transparency – a call for evidence

By Technical Team on 05 Mar 2020

Last September HMRC expanded the range of performance and management information they publish to include 14 new metrics, including around debt management, customs and customer experience.

In November 2019, they published quarterly experimental compliance data including the number of closed civil and criminal compliance checks, total prosecutions and criminal sentences as well as the outcomes of court decisions.

HMRC are now undertaking some work to consider what, if any, further datasets might potentially be published in a way that helps the public understand HMRC’s approach to compliance.

We have been asked to identify:

  • how understanding of HMRC’s use of its powers and the operation of taxpayer safeguards might be improved by the publication of data which is currently not in the public domain and  
  • what information it would be most important for HMRC to publish to improve trust and transparency in relation to powers and safeguards.

In order to gather input, HMRC are asking four questions:

i. Do you know where HMRC publishes information and how to access it?
ii. Do you think if HMRC published further data it would improve your understanding of how HMRC uses its powers and the operation of taxpayer safeguards?
iii. What information do you think it most important for HMRC to publish to improve trust and transparency?
iv. Why do you think this would help improve trust and transparency?

This request relates to all current powers and safeguards regardless of their date of origin. Please email any comments on this topic (by Friday 27 March) to technical [at]  using the subject heading Data and Transparency.

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