VAT Retail Export Scheme - CIOT comments

By Technical Team on 30 Sep 2013

CIOT comments, sent to HMRC 30 September 2013, in response to the consultation on the VAT Retail Export Scheme. The scheme allows visitors to the UK who buy goods in the UK to obtain a refund of the VAT incurred on the goods if they are exported from the UK in the visitor’s baggage.

HMRC are looking at a range of issues in relation to the scheme including whether there should be lower limits on the amounts that can be refunded and whether the scheme should go digital.

Their main target is retailers who use the scheme, companies that handle refund claims and overseas visitors. However, there is scope for other interested parties to make submissions. We would particularly appreciate comments from people who advise small and medium sized retail businesses.

The condoc and CIOT comments are available below in Adobe (PDF) format.

Technical Team
30 September 2013

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