Sharing and publishing data for public benefit - CIOT comments

By Technical Team on 24 Sep 2013

CIOT comments, sent to HMRC 24 September 2013, regarding the sharing and publishing of data for public benefit.

This consultation invited views on proposals for HMRC to increase the scope for the department to share non-identifying information (that is, information that does not relate to identifiable individuals or legal entities), and on proposed safeguards. Options cover general and aggregate data as well as anonymised data sets.

HMRC also sought views on the potential benefits, costs / risks and necessary safeguards for proposals to share VAT registration data, either publicly or under controlled conditions for specified purposes, for example, credit rating. Views were welcome on the principles underlying these proposals and on the suggested approaches to implementation.

The condoc and the CIOT submission are available below in Adobe (PDF) format.

Technical Team
24 September 2013

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