How to improve HMRC's collection of debt: coding out - CIOT comments

By Technical Team on 15 Aug 2013

CIOT comments, sent to HMRC 14 August 2013, on how to improve HMRC's collection of debt.

The document proposes increasing the size of debts that can be recovered through coding out from those with higher incomes. The existing £3,000 limit will remain for those with incomes under £30,000 but HMRC propose that the limit be increased for those on higher incomes to a maximum of coding out £17,000 for those earning over £90,000.
In addition, HMRC propose extending the 50% deduction overriding limit for those with K codes to all tax codes.

The condoc and CIOT submission are available below in Adobe (PDF) format.

Technical Team
15 August 2013

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