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The draft regulations have been circulated to the CIOT Property Taxes Committee and to STPG members. There were no comments on the additional questions to be included in the SDLT 1.

All speakers are STPG members.

See the PRT Conferences website for the brochure and booking details.

The HMRC  Stamp Duty Land Tax (talking points) webinar on the higher rate on the purchase of an additional dwelling from 14 Aug

HMRC is running a webinar aimed at individuals and small to mid-sized conveyancers, the message will be high level, and is aimed primarily at these groups who frequently make contact to HMRC asking for guidance and advice.

These notes are published with HMRC’s agreement. Updates to HMRC’s SDLT manual will follow. 

"At the October WTSG I mentioned that SDLT correspondence would begin to be scanned and a new correspondence address introduced.