Parliamentary debates


The Financial Guidance and Claims Bill had its Committee of Whole House stage in the Lords this week (19 July 2017). This bill will combine three financial advice bodies into one. The aims of the bill are clear but many aspects of it remain unclear to Peers. Most speakers welcomed the changes.

All the chairmanships of House of Commons select committees for the new Parliament have been made, following a secret ballot.

The Taylor Review was published this week, which considered the implications of new forms of work on worker rights and responsibilities, as well as on employer freedoms and obligations. 

Peers have started to debate the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill, during its second reading in the Lords.

The Queen's Speech has been approved by Parliament after some detailed and impassioned debates, which often touched on tax.

This year’s Queen’s Speech introduces a two-year programme, dominated by Brexit. It contains 27 Bills and draft Bills. 

The House of Lords has spent two days debating the committee stage of the Criminal Finances Bill.

The Treasury Committee met with the Institute for Fiscal Studies to help with its inquiry into the Spring Budget 2017.

The four day Budget debate continued in the early part of this week, ahead of the Chancellor’s announcement of a u-turn on national insurance. A summary of days three and four are below. A summary of the debates on day one and two can be found here.

The Savings Bill will introduce the Lifetime ISA to help people save flexibly for the long-term and the Help to Save for people on low incomes who are saving up for a ‘rainy day’. This is a summary of the second sitting at Committee stage, where MPs heard from experts. Often the witnesses spoke about the two measures together.