Finance Bill 2017


A live blog on report stage and third reading debate on the floor of the House of Commons, which took place between 1.25pm and 5.20pm on Tue 31 Oct. Debate focused on amendments on deemed domicile, termination payments, quarterly reporting and digital record-keeping and treatment of chargeable gains on commercial property by persons with foreign domicile. Government amendments were passed and opposition amendments were defeated.

A live blog on the fifth and sixth public bill committee sittings of Finance Bill 2017-19, which took place on Tuesday 24 October 2017 at 9.25am and 2pm.

A liveblog on the fourth public bill committee sitting of Finance Bill 2017-19, which took place on the afternoon of Thursday 19 October 2017. Covers clauses 29-42 of the Bill, including deemed domicile, overseas property and disguised remuneration.

A liveblog on the third public bill committee sitting of Finance Bill 2017-19 . Debate started from clause 20, on corporate interest deductiblity, and also covered tax reliefs for museum exhibitions and grassroots sport, the patent box and the substantial shareholding exemption. Two government amendments were passed.

A liveblog on the second sitting of Finance Bill Public Bill Committee. Starting from clause 10, MPs considered topics including EIS and VCTs, social investment tax relief, the new trading and property allowances and changes to corporation tax including treatment of carried-forward losses.

A liveblog on the first sitting of Finance Bill Public Bill Committee. Clauses 1-9 were approved, covering topics including the new income tax exemption for pensions advice, changes to the Money Purchase Annual Allowance, a reduction in the nil rate for dividend income and a legislative fix to the disproportionate tax charges that can arise from partial surrenders of life insurance policies.

MPs began committee stage debate of the second Finance Bill of 2017 with a day of debate on the floor of the House of Commons covering three areas picked out by the opposition. Specifically: termination payments (clause 5), business investment relief (clause 15) and Northern Ireland corporation tax (clause 25).

The second Finance Bill of 2017 was debated by MPs today ahead of the Bill's second reading vote. We live blogged on the debate here.

MPs today debated the resolutions accompanying the autumn 2017 Finance Bill. A live blog was posted here as the debate proceeded.

The Government has announced that the Summer Finance Bill will not be published until after the summer recess (which means September 5th at the earliest). However it has provided some information about the content of the Bill and when measures will take effect.