Finance Bill 2016

Reports on debates during the passage of the 2016 Finance Bill (now Finance Act 2016)


Report stage took place in the House of Commons on 5 and 6 September 2016. One new clause was added to the Bill and a number of amendments agreed, including an opposition amendment to Schedule 19 introducing a power for the Treasury to make regulations requiring large businesses to include a country by country report when they publish their group tax strategy.

FInance Bill report stage takes place in the House of Commons today and tomorrow. For the uninitiated the discussions can sometimes be a little confusing. So here is what they will be discussing in each group of amendments. Some of the wording is taken from the Government's notes, some is our own description of what we think an amendment is trying to do. Government amendments are listed first, with opposition ane backbench amendments in each group afterwards, in bullet point format, as they are unlikely to be passed (though may still dominate debate).

The CIOT external relations team have produced a detailed (40 pages) note of committee stage debates on Finance Bill 2016.