Join a technical committee

Are you interested in contributing to the CIOT's responses to consultations?

The CIOT aims to include input from its members in its responses to consultations, including those issued by HMRC, HM Treasury and the European Commission. As most of the preparation of responses is done by email or online survey many members can participate; practical experience is particularly helpful when we are preparing technical responses.

What do technical committees do?

Each technical committee considers and makes representations to Government on consultations, legislation (existing or proposed) or other material within their remit.

What do technical committee members do?

They can:

  • input to both public consultations and private submissions to influence tax changes
  • draft technical representations for the CIOT technical committee to consider submitting
  • volunteer to attend meetings on behalf of the CIOT

Benefits of technical committee membership

  • Opportunity to be at the forefront of the development of taxes in the UK
  • Time spent on technical matters as part of Committee work may count towards the annual CIOT and ATT CPD non-reading requirements
  • Career enhancement
  • Attendance at technical committee meetings
  • Opportunity to get to know influential members of the tax profession and HMRC
  • Opportunity to help influence changes to tax legislation through contribution to CIOT submissions
  • Sight of papers relating to confidential meetings on tax matters, before they reach the public domain
  • Opportunity to participate in open discussions of relevant issues
  • Expenses incurred in volunteering are fully reimbursed. CIOT expenses claim form.

How to get involved

Any CTA wishing to become involved in the CIOT's technical work should:

  • see the committee pack for more information
  • follow the link below to the technical committee remit which most closely reflects their experience
  • complete the online form and attach a short CV or biography

Most of our technical work requires a detailed understanding of the relevant taxes, so may not be suitable for those early in their tax careers.

Technical committee remits and online application forms:

Corporate Tax Committee
Digitalisation and Agent Services Committee
Employment Taxes Committee
Indirect Taxes Committee
International Tax Committee
Management of Taxes Committee
Owner Managed Business Committee
Private Client (International) Committee
Private Client (UK) Committee
Property Taxes Committee
Scottish Technical Committee
Welsh Technical Committee


If you would like to discuss any aspects of becoming a technical committee member, contact the Technical Team at technical [at] or via contact us and a Technical Officer will call you back.