Taxation of employee expenses: call for evidence - CIOT comments

11 Jul 2017

"HMRC's Talking Points meetings provide information, guidance and tips, helping you to understand tax issues.

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HMRC Payment Strategy

This meeting will focus on reducing cheque payments and the elimination of payable orders.

Tu‚ esd‚ ay 1‚ 1 J‚ uly m‚ id‚ da‚ y to 1p‚ m - Register now Tu‚ esd‚ ay 11‚ J‚ uly 2p‚ m to 3p‚ m - Register now

Statutory Residence Test - Split Year Treatment

We are running separate meetings over two days covering the different cases.

Cases 1-3: Actual or deemed departure from the UK Th‚ ur‚ sd‚ ay 1‚ 3 J‚ uly 1p‚ m to 2p‚ m - Register now

Cases 4-8: Actual or deemed arrival in the UK

Fr‚ id‚ ay 1‚ 4 J‚ uly 1p‚ m to 2.3‚ 0p‚ m - Register now

Companies House ‚ An Introduction to Community Interest Companies

In this meeting we will introduce the concept of community interest companies, what they are and the basic rules that govern them.

Tu‚ esd‚ ay 1‚ 8 J‚ uly 1‚ 1a‚ m to m‚ id‚ da‚ y - Register now

Paying the right amount of tax through Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

PAYE has changed. HMRC have improved the way we use real time information to make automatic adjustments to PAYE tax codes as they happen, rather than waiting until the end of the tax year. This event will explain how this will affect employers and their staff.

We‚ dn‚ esd‚ ay 1‚ 9 J‚ uly 1‚ 1a‚ m to m‚ id‚ da‚ y - Register now We‚ dn‚ esd‚ ay 1‚ 9 J‚ uly 1p‚ m to 2p‚ m - Register now

Please send any questions for our subject experts to team.agentengagement [at] before the meeting, with the title of the meeting in the ‚ subject‚ line of your email.

These interactive meetings run on the ‚ CITRIX‚ platform. The organiser will run through how to ask questions on the day.

If you have missed any of our earlier Talking Points meetings, you can watch the recordings here."