Tax Credit Award Notice: Explanatory sheet

6 Jul 2017

It is now possible for tax credit Helpline staff to access screens on the Self-Assessment (SA) computer system which will tell them whether an agent is acting and a form 64-8 is in place.

This should solve some of the problems agents have been having in convincing tax credit staff that a 64-8 authority is already held for a particular claimant.

Unfortunately it only solves the problem for those claimants in SA and Working Together have made the point that a solution is still required for other claimants (such as those paying tax through PAYE, or where there is a joint claim and the 64-8 is held for only one member of a couple dealt with in the SA system). Working Together have asked the Revenue to address the problem for these two categories of claimant as a matter of urgency.

The Revenue have advised that the cost of the potential solution needs to be considered in relation to the size of the problem and it is thought that only a small number of claimants (those in PAYE with paid advisers) would not be helped by the proposed solution.

22 September 2004 Technical Department 020 7235 9381