Small Business seminar 5 February 2004

6 Jul 2017

The Revenue has agreed that we can make these available to CIOT members. 1. Renewals

5 documents: TC603Rjones-auto.pdf; TC603Rnotesv1_0.pdf; TC603R2_0Grey.pdf; TC603D3_0-Grey.pdf; TC603RDNotesv1_0.pdf

Auto-renewal The first two documents are an example of an auto-renewal notice and the Notes (34 pages) which will accompany such a notice. Reply-required renewal The last three documents are examples of the two forms a reply required claimant will get and a set of Notes (35 pages).

We understand that there will be a Working Sheet to deal with Gift Aid and losses and pension deductions etc. We have not been sent a final copy of this yet. 2. 2004/05 claim form and Notes

2 documents: TC600v1_0.pdf; TC600Notesv1_0.pdf

The claim from and the Notes (59 pages) 3. Latest version of award notices

2 documents: GreyCYANv1_0.pdf; TC602Notesv1_0.pdf

An example of an award notice and the accompanying Notes (13 pages).

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