Section 660A settlement provisions: Guidance note on disclosure

6 Jul 2017

They say that, once a claim has been terminated, the claimant has 30 days to send in the original signed declaration form. If the declaration is submitted within this time, reinstatement of the claim (back to 6 April) will be considered. After the 30-day period has elapsed, it would be considered that there was not a good cause for the claim to be reinstated.

If the original form has been lost (this may be the reason it was photocopied), a claimant can request another (barcoded) form, which he/she should receive within 5 days. (The computer system will be amended to note that the original form was not sent out - we assume that this is so the only time taken into account when determining if the second form is late is the time from the issue of the second form.) The claimant will have 35 days from the date of issue to return the reissued form.

Members should note that claimants can also provide the information over the telephone or online.

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