SA Returns - HMRC update

6 Jul 2017

In summary, our key points are ‚

While broadly supportive of the objectives of Making Tax Digital, the Chartered Institute of Taxation has some concerns about whether the project will deliver as intended The Government should wait until the cost savings that digitisation promises are being realised before considering any further cuts to HMRC‚ s resources We are not convinced of the case for moving from the current annual reporting requirement for business to a regime of compulsory quarterly reporting It is hard to reconcile the Government‚ s promised reduction in the annual cost to business of tax administration with the introduction of compulsory quarterly reporting, which will almost certainly increase the burden on business Rather than reducing errors, quarterly reporting could increase the risk of taxpayer errors We are concerned that delays in granting access to Digital Tax Accounts to taxpayers‚ agents could hinder compliance While HMRC have committed to make provision for the ‚ digitally excluded‚ we remain concerned that this help will be too narrowly focused The parallel project to enable people to renew tax credits and update their circumstances online is making progress, but needs integrating with DWP benefits data and Digital Tax Accounts

Technical Team