Management of Taxes Voice

5 Dec 2017

This year the FBSC is concentrating its inquiry on the extent to which the measures proposed in the draft Bill contribute to the simplification of the personal tax system and their impact on the compliance burdens of individual taxpayers. The FBSC invited evidence on these cross-cutting issues with particular reference to the following three topics:

Proposed changes to the taxation of savings and dividends (clauses 1 to 4) Simple Assessments (clause 71) Office of Tax Simplification (clauses 83-88)

The written submissions can be found on the CIOT, LITRG and ATT websites, and largely mirror the submissions made to HMRC in relation to those draft Finance Bill clauses. John Cullinane (Tax Policy Director of CIOT) and Robin Williamson (Technical Director of LITRG) also gave oral evidence on behalf of CIOT and LITRG respectively.

Technical Team