HMRC‚ s new bank details

6 Nov 2018

HMRC has today confirmed that, whilst the Government is committed to laying these Regulations, due to delays in publishing guidance on to support those affected by the measure, the Regulations cannot now be laid to come into force on 30 June 2016 as previously expected. The period within which to comply with the Regulations will similarly be extended from the original date of 30 April 2017 to an appropriate later date to allow for the obligation to be incorporated as far as is possible into normal communications with clients.

We recognise that the continuing uncertainty which this delay causes is frustrating. Until the Regulations are published and the HMRC guidance is posted on GOV.UK, it is not possible to determine what will need to be done to comply with the Regulations.

We will provide further updates on this as soon as we are able, and we will also publish guidance for members as soon as the regulations have been published.

Technical Team