Green Paper on the future of VAT

6 Jul 2017

An article written by HMRC/Valuation Office Agency (VOA) Trade Related Property and Goodwill Working Group and published in the August edition of Tax Adviser explains HMRC‚ s current approach.

An article written by Chris Lallemand, the Chair of the Property Taxes Sub-Committee responding to the HMRC/VOA‚ s article will be published in the September edition of Tax Adviser and posted here. In addition, Robert Maas‚ article in response will appear in the ICAEW‚ s TAXline and on the ICAEW‚ s Tax Faculty website. Lakshmi Narain‚ s response will be published in Tax Journal. All three articles will be posted here once available.

Comments on the articles and the HMRC/VOA approach and/or practical experience of the issues would be welcomed. Please send them to Kate Willis, the Property Taxes Sub-Committee Technical Officer at kwillis [at] (kwillis [at]