Finance Bill 2018-19 - CIOT briefings

29 Nov 2018

HMRC have advised us that they are making changes that will affect how some agents access Government Gateway services. The changes will affect those agents who have their own systems that use background logins (also known as ‚ silent login‚ ) to give their staff access to the firm‚ s Government Gateway portals. Firms where staff enter user credentials directly into GOV.UK will not be affected. Software which communicates with HMRC via APIs should also be unaffected.

As a result of the changes, firms who use silent login procedures will no longer be able to use this functionality after 11 January 2019 unless they contact HMRC by 14 December 2018 to request continued access. HMRC will then add the firm to a secure access list, and provide new urls to enable the silent login process to continue for a further, limited period.

It is anticipated that only larger practices will be using silent login systems and be affected by these changes. HMRC has already met with some of the largest firms who will be affected, and will be emailing a further 1,000 of the biggest agents in the week commencing 26 November.

Full details of the changes and how to apply for the transitional measures if your firm will be affected please see the below documents from HMRC:

Change to HMRC‚ s online system access: action required by 14th December 2018

Changes to how agents access HMRC‚ s online systems: Q&A

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