Enforcement by Deduction from Accounts (Information) Regulations 2015 - CIOT comments

6 Jul 2017

HMRC are continuing to develop Agent Online Self Serve, and are undertaking testing of a private beta service which provides a monthly breakdown of employers‚ PAYE liabilities and payments for each period.

Many agents have already volunteered to participate in the testing of the private beta live service, and HMRC report real benefit from their feedback, particularly those who have made suggestions for improvement.

HMRC are now extending the testing and are seeking additional agents with less than 500 employer PAYE clients to participate in the beta trial. If you have not already registered, and are interested in taking part in the trial which is open to the end of October 2015, please complete this questionnaire.

Agents who are not able to become involved in the testing, can still participate by providing comments on the recently updated prototype screens by completing the short feedback form on the final screen.

Longer term, in addition to PAYE liabilities & payments, the service will provide views of other tax accounts and an improved process for agent authorisation. HMRC will provide updates on the Tax Agent blog and through Agent Update as the service moves to the next stage of development.

Technical Team