Draft FB17 Clause 91: Errors in Taxpayers‚ Documents - CIOT comments

24 Oct 2017

"New reporting obligations affecting some UK charities came into effect on 1 January 2016, and the first reporting deadline is 31 March 2017. Those affected by the changes will be required to check the tax residence of their grant recipients and report this to HMRC.

Your charity, or a charity you advise, may be affected depending on how it is set up and how it is funded.

There are different impacts for charities which are set up as trusts or foundations and those arranged as companies.

You may find this webinar very useful if your charity is a trust or foundation, or you advise such charities.

Open to all, this webinar is your opportunity to find out about the new reporting obligations from HMRC and ask any questions you may have.

Get clear advice ‚ Thursday 2 February 11am - Book your place here

This interactive meeting will be run on the ‚ CITRIX‚ platform and the organiser will run through how to ask questions on the day.

If you have missed a live meeting you can view a recorded one on the GOV.‚ UK website."

Technical Team