Digital services tax - CIOT comments

4 Mar 2019

"Revenue Scotland is changing its email address to ensure it continues to meet the security requirements of the government‚ s digital services network.

What does this mean?

From Monday 4th March, the suffix will be replaced with This means that you will need to update your Revenue Scotland contacts in your email address book.

Emails sent from Revenue Scotland from 4th March onwards will be from the accounts. We need you to update your address books from this date to minimise the risk of automated functions in your email software automatically using the old gsi address when you reply. For example joe.bloggs [at] will need to be changed to joe.bloggs [at]

If you continue to send to the old email address, your email will either fail to reach us or it will be sent without the necessary level of security.

To note ‚ Revenue Scotland‚ s corporate group email accounts are unaffected as these were amended some time ago ‚ i.e. lbtt [at] or info [at] Emails sent to these accounts ending in do not need to be changed.

Additional actions

The information below sets out some additional measures where you can help us to minimise the risk of disruption in the coming weeks. If you can complete these actions, that would help to make the change as smooth a process as possible.

check your spam folders in case your email provider fails to recognise the new format and emails from Revenue Scotland are mistakenly re-routed; share the update with colleagues/partner organisations and anyone you think needs to know about the change; from next week Revenue Scotland will be pushing the message out on its website and via social media so retweets/likes/shares are very much appreciated.

If you have any queries or questions, please contact info [at]"

Technical Team