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20 Nov 2017

HMRC's regular Talking Points meetings provide ongoing information, guidance and tips to help you to understand tax issues.

We have more Talking Points meetings on popular subjects coming up. There are a limited number of spaces, so save your place now.

Agents Forum and the role of the Issues Overview Group

Providing information about the operation of the online Agent Forum and the Issues Overview Group, which is made up of representatives of the Professional Bodies.

Tu‚ esd‚ ay 2‚ 1 No‚ ve‚ mb‚ er 1p‚ m to 2p‚ m - Register now

Business Expenses for the Self-Employed

This meeting is to provide guidance on what is and isn‚ t classed as an allowable business expense and will include motoring and premises costs.

We‚ dn‚ esd‚ ay 29 No‚ ve‚ mb‚ er midday to 1p‚ m - Register now

Paying HMRC at the Post Office ‚ What‚ s Changing

You won‚ t be able to pay HMRC at the Post Office from 15 De‚ ce‚ mb‚ er 2017. Please join the meeting to find out about all the alternative electronic payment methods that are available.

Mo‚ nd‚ ay 27 No‚ ve‚ mb‚ er midday to 1p‚ m - Register now

Agent Access To Services

Creating an Agent Services Account and accessing services. Due to its popularity, we are offering two opportunities for you to join this meeting.

Thursday 30 November midday to 1p‚ m - Register now Thursday 30 November 2p‚ m to 3p‚ m - Register now

Basis Periods - looking at commencement years, changes to accounting date and overlapping periods

Focusing on basis periods, in particular looking at the different rules that apply to commencement years, changing of accounting date and overlapping periods. We also look at some pointers when dealing with a change from sole trader to partnership and vice versa.

Th‚ ur‚ sd‚ ay 7 De‚ ce‚ mb‚ er midday to 1p‚ m - Register now

Trade loses

Looking at the different ways trade losses may be relieved.

Th‚ ur‚ sd‚ ay 7 De‚ ce‚ mb‚ er 2p‚ m to 3p‚ m - Register now

Negligible Value Claims and Share Loss Relief

Looking at certain conditions that must be met for your clients to claim that an asset has become of negligible value. Also an overview of share loss relief.

We‚ dn‚ esd‚ ay 15 De‚ ce‚ mb‚ er 11a‚ m to midday - Register now

If you have any questions for our subject experts more than 24 hours prior to the meeting, please send them to team.agentengagement [at], including the title of the meeting in the ‚ Subject‚ line of your email. Any questions that arise after this time should be submitted during the live meeting.

These interactive meetings run on the ‚ GoToWebinar‚ platform. The organiser will run through how to ask questions on the day.

We also have a range of Agents Toolkits providing helpful information for you to download and use.