Working Together

Working together is a partnership between HMRC and the main professional taxation and accountancy bodies to improve all areas of HMRC operations for the benefit of HMRC, agents and their clients. It provides a forum to raise operational issues or problems that have been identified by HMRC and/or the professional bodies.

CIOT Lead, Working Together initiative - Jon Stride

Working Together Technical Officers - Richard Wild (rwild [at] and Helen Thornley (hthornley [at]

Further information about the Working Together programme can be found here.

News and updates

Delays in sending Statements of Account

An agent has raised the difficulties that can arise due to a delay in HMRC posting Self-Assessment Statements of Account (SAO). In some cases, a few weeks or more can go by between HMRC preparing the SAO and the SAO being received by the taxpayer. Payments made in this interval are not reflected in the SAO, causing confusion for taxpayers and additional work for agents. If you have experience of this, please answer the questions below and send to wt [at] (subject: Delays%20in%20sending%20Statements%20of%20Account%20-%20feedback) :

  1. Please estimate how many of your clients this has affected   _______
  2. Please estimate how many hours you/your colleagues have spent on this issue _____

Alternatively, please post your experiences on the Agent Forum. For instructions on how to join the Forum, see here.