Tax Adviser articles

Making Tax Digital update
HMRC launch Making Tax Digital (MTD) income tax pilot for the self-employed and the MTD VAT pilot
1 May 2018

Making Tax Digital interest harmonisation and sanctions for late payment: CIOT, ATT and LITRG responses to consultation
1 April 2018

Making Tax Digital for VAT
1 February 2018

Making Tax Digital: CIOT comment on the draft secondary and tertiary legislation
1 January 2018

MTD for VAT: an update
1 January 2018

Making Tax Digital – not in the long grass
Richard Wild provides a update.
1 December 2017

Making Tax Digital – sending a man to the moon. 
Georgina  Head consider the skills need for a future in tax.
1 November 2017

Making Tax Digital – secondary and tertiary legislation published for consultation
1 November 2017

Making Tax Digital – a summary of the key elements and what’s ahead
1 October 2017

Getting your hands dirty
Tim Andow provides a practical overview of considerations when planting seeds for a successful implementation of MTD
1 September 2017

Making Tax Digital:  VAT is leading the way
1 September 2017

Making Tax Digital for Individuals: Dynamic Coding (PAYE Refresh)
1 August 2017

MTD – Sanctions for late submission and late payment
The CIOT, LITRG and ATT respond to HMRC’s latest consultation on late submission penalties and late payment penalty interest
1 August 2017

Making Tax Digital - The reconstruction of tax
Mark Purdue considers how Making Tax Digital will affect the work undertaken for clients
1 July 2017

Making Tax Digital
Contrary to popular belief, Making Tax Digital (MTD) is not dead.
1 June 2017

Changing the Game
Georgiana Head looks at how the tax profession will change as a result of MTD
1 June 2017

Making Tax Digital: pilot launched
1 May 2017

Making Tax Digital and cash basis accounting for traders and landlords: Draft Finance Bill 2017 legislation
1 April 2017

Making Tax Digital: the House of Lords examine the proposals
1 April 2017

MTD: The next steps are revealed
1 March 2017

Making Tax Digital – the CIOT, ATT and LITRG consultation responses
1 January 2017

Inaccessible terrain
1 January 2017

Practice makes perfect!
1 January 2017

Have your say on HMRC’s Making Tax Digital proposals
1 October 2016

Making Tax Digital – a look at the VAT aspects
1 July 2016

Pausing to reflect
1 June 2016

Making Tax Digital – update and current position
1 May 2016

Making tax digital: the view from HMRC
1 April 2016

Digital tax concerns
1 April 2016

CIOT set up new working group ‘Digitalisation and Agents Strategy’
1 February 2016