Working Together Committee

Chair: Jonathan Stride

Technical Officers: Richard Wild - rwild [at] / Helen Thornley - hthornley [at]

The remit of the Working Together committee includes all aspects of HMRC customer service, where this impacts upon agents and their ability to service their clients, including:

  • Systemic problems relating to HMRC systems and processes which affect the day to day working of members
  • Collating evidence to identify the impact of those problems
  • Resolving those problems through liaison with the Issues Overview Group (IOG) and HMRC
  • Identifying opportunities to work with HMRC to improve services to members and their clients
  • Increasing communication / engagement with members on the above
  • Providing a means for members to raise issues with HMRC
  • Ensuring our efforts keep relevant with the current advisory environment
  • Liaising with other sub-committees on issues as appropriate

Please indicate where you have particular expertise and add any relevant comments. This is useful to know when we are asked for quick comments. At other times papers are sent to all members.