Owner Managed Business Committee

Chair: Pete Miller

Vice-Chairs: Andrew Constable, Victor Dauppe, Jitendra Patel

Technical Officer:
Matthew Brown - mbrown [at] ciot.org.uk / Margaret Curran - mcurran [at] ciot.org.uk

The remit of the Owner Managed Businesses committee includes all tax matters affecting small businesses, including:

  • Income tax on trading/ professional income – sole traders and partnerships (including LLPs)
  • Corporation tax on profits from owner-managed limited companies and extraction of funds from limited companies
  • Capital gains tax on/ within owner-managed companies, partnerships (including LLPs) and sole-trader businesses
  • VAT for owner-managed businesses
  • National Insurance for sole-traders and partnerships (including LLPs)
  • Matters of tax administration in so far as they affect owner-managed businesses (in conjunction with management of taxes)

Please indicate where you have particular expertise and add any relevant comments. This is useful to know when we are asked for quick comments. At other times papers are sent to all members.