Corporate Tax Committee

Chair: Adrian Rudd

Vice-Chair: Chris Lallemand

Technical Officer: Sacha Dalton - sdalton [at]

The remit of the Corporate Tax committee includes all aspects of UK corporation tax in so far as that tax applies in respect of companies resident in the UK, and the taxation of UK companies generally. The work focuses primarily on larger corporates/groups, working with International Tax where there is overlap with their work and in conjunction with OMB in respect of smaller companies, including:

  • Accounting standards and their implications for tax purposes
  • Taxation of chargeable gains for companies
  • Trading and property rules for companies/partnerships where corporate partner (in conjunction with Property Taxes in respect of property rules)
  • Capital allowances, including plant leasing (in conjunction with Property Taxes in respect of capital allowances on fixtures in properties)
  • Loan relationships and derivative contracts
  • Investment reliefs such as EIS, VCT etc insofar as these effect the investee company (in conjunction with OMB and CGT&II)
  • Intangible assets and the patent box
  • Research and development tax credits
  • Groups and consortia
  • Administration of corporation tax including clearance procedures for corporate transactions, CTSA and disclosure of tax avoidance schemes (in conjunction with MOT)
  • Specialist corporate areas including banks, insurance companies, private equity vehicles, PFI, shipping, oil & gas

Please indicate where you have particular expertise and add any relevant comments. This is useful to know when we are asked for quick comments. At other times papers are sent to all members.