Agent Update 74

24 Oct 2019

ADR in HMRC is a process where an impartial HMRC mediator actively assists the parties in dispute to work towards an agreement before a case reaches the Tribunal.

Experience shows that it can help bring a fresh perspective to look for a way forward, and restore positive communications. ADR had a resolution rate of 88% in 2018/19.

Recent statistics produced by HMRC also show that 95% of agents who have used ADR would recommend it and 85% considered that their case would not have settled without ADR. We receive consistent feedback from members who have used ADR which support these statistics.

We are delighted that Hui Ling McCarthy QC, Barrister, 11 New Square, agreed to chair the webinar for us. Hui Ling is chair of the CIOT‚ s Dispute Resolution and Litigation Working Group, and has considerable experience in all aspects of dispute resolution, including ADR. She was joined by Jim Benson, Assistant Director for ADR at HMRC and Jo Herring who is an HMRC mediator.

The webinar can be accessed on the Lexis Nexis website (for the next 12 months):

Alternative Dispute Resolution - CIOT/ATT webinar

Alternative Dispute Resolution slides

Alternative Dispute Resolution Q&As

Feel free to pass on this link to colleagues or clients who might be interested, too. If you have any questions about ADR please email technical [at] .