Benefits of Membership

Membership Benefits 

As a member of the CIOT you will receive the following publications:

  • Annotated copy of the Finance Act (digital copy)

  • Monthly issues of Tax Adviser Magazine
  • Tax Rate Cards
  • Weekly Newsletter

Appear in our online list of Chartered Tax Advisers.

If you do not already appear in the list and would like to, please contact us for more information: membership [at] (contact us for more information)

Branch Network 

  • All members are able to use the Branch Network which provides technical and other meetings, all of which are open to members, students and members of the public. Click here for further details.

Tony Arnold Library

  • CIOT members and students are able to use the Tony Arnold Library for research and reference purposes. 

Licensed Access

  • Licensed access to barristers practising in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and to advocates practising in Scotland, is now available for members
  • Licensed access - which replaces the terms "BarDIRECT" and "Direct Professional Access". Under this, any CIOT member can instruct any barriser as they are deemed to have licensed access by virtue of their membership. For details click here.
  • Public access - there are a select number of barristers who are within the public access scheme and who can take instructions from any member of the public. For details click here.

Members' Support Service

This aims to help those with work-related personal problems. An independent, sympathetic fellow practitioner will listen in strictest confidence and give support. Please email us membership [at] (contact us) to be put in touch with a member of the Support Service. Please note that the Members' Support Service does not offer advice of a techncial nature.

Discounted SWAT UK Anti Money Laundering training

CIOT members and their staff can gain a discount on SWAT UK's online anti-money laundering training course. For more information click here.