Use of the Institute's badge


The Chartered Institute of Taxation is proud to offer its members a new badge as part of its ongoing rebranding initiative. Your new badge will be available to use from this Spring.

The Benefits of Using our Badge:

  • Promote your professional status - prominently display your CIOT membership at your place of work and industry events.
  • Stand out – make a great first impression on your prospective clients.
  • Be an ambassador for the tax profession – demonstrate your commitment to building a better tax system and promoting public education in taxation.

When can I apply for my new badge?

You can notify us today by emailing us at membership [at] to let us know you would like to be sent your new badge.

What do I do now?

Not a lot, but if you have any printed material, we recommend you start running this down. In the meantime, please continue to use your existing badge across your collateral until you hear from us.

Contact us at membership [at]


A badge derived from the Institute’s own logo is available for members to use on headed paper, compliment slips, business cards, websites and other materials. 

The Badge is available to members who are sole practitioners free of charge and to firms with the requisite number of partners or directors and for this there is an annual charge. Members must fill in an application form, undertaking to obey the rules for the use of the Badge and submit their stationery and other items for approval.

Please note the Institute’s own logo is for the exclusive use of the Institute and not available for members.

Forms with which to apply for the Badge Scheme or CTA Registration Scheme (if not in sole practice) are below to download. Once you have submitted your application, a member of the Membership Team will provide you will an electronic copy of the Badge.