You will need to use your own judgement on what Continuing Professional Development you need to undertake to properly service your clients and their needs. 

How you do that CPD may be dictated by your location, if you are in a remote area it will not be so easy to get to lectures, so the growth in on-line services will help you keep up-to-date.

Try not to skimp on CPD, and let knowledge growth and knowledge refreshment be your driving factor rather than your budget. You will know from your experience to date that tax is fast changing, and you cannot afford to be out of date when it comes to legislative changes. The choice of service providers is growing, particularly with on-line training but broadly the training providers can be broken down into the following areas:

  • Lectures by specialist firms
  • Lectures by training bodies
  • CIOT and ATT one-day & weekend conferences
  • CIOT local branch - day and evening lectures

Do look carefully for the discounts available for CTAs as your membership may entitle you to substantial discounts and it is always worth attempting to negotiate over price.