Technical support

As mentioned, tax is continually changing, and for the sake of your clients as well as your Professional Indemnity Insurance, not to mention reducing processing time you will want up-to-date reference material to back you up when advising clients and responding to their queries and preparing computations and returns. 

These can be summarised as:

  • On-line technical subscription services
  • CD and printed tax annuals
  • Software products for compliance i.e. Self Assessment for individuals and companies

Publishing companies still produce hard copies of annuals for most areas of tax which is great but these are expensive, need storage space and just may be missing from your library and on someone’s desk just when you need to use it, so on-line resources and CD based products have become very popular.

When keeping control of costs, look at cheaper ways that you can access the same or better information, rather than cut off the order completely, as it is imperative you have up-to-date information to hand.

Just as you can buy the specialist books for your areas of expertise, so you can tailor the on-line subscription services to match your needs, talk to your area representatives for the services you would like to subscribe to, and ask for free trial periods to test each one to see which you prefer working with.