CTA as international standard

On January 30 2012 the CIOT announced that we are to license the Irish Tax Institute to use the designations ‘Chartered Tax Adviser’ and ‘CTA’ as the first step in developing the CTA brand as an international ‘gold standard’ in tax. On May 29 2012 we announced that a similar licence would be granted to The Tax Institute of Australia.

The CIOT is clear that we will only license the use of the ‘CTA’ and ‘Chartered Tax Adviser’ designations after careful consideration and investigation where we are satisfied and confident that

  • The qualifications, professional standards and other requirements for membership of the tax body (or qualifying subset) are broadly equivalent to the CIOT’s own
  • It is the ‘gold standard’ in the relevant jurisdiction

We are aware that CIOT members and students may have questions about the details of this agreement so we have produced a detailed Q&A briefing aimed at answering these. This is linked to below, along with other information relating to the announcement.

We hope this information is helpful but if any member or student still has questions after reading the Q&A they should not hesitate to get in touch.

Promotional note setting out the high standards that clients and employers can expect from a CTA in any jurisdiction

Press statement announcing the licensing of the Irish Tax Institute to use the CTA designation