The results are in! Record numbers complete international tax qualification

Students of the ADIT (Advanced Diploma in International Taxation) qualification, who sat exams in a record 42 countries and territories, will today receive their results. A number of awards and distinctions have been announced by the qualification’s parent body, the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT).

ADIT is a specialist qualification in international and cross-border taxation with approximately 2,500 students, holders and affiliates living and working in more than 100 countries. A total of 520 students sat the exams in countries from South America to East Asia. The electronic on-screen examination method, pioneered by the Institute, was chosen by over half of the students.

320 students passed at least one ADIT exam in June 2015. A record total of 77 students (including seven with distinction) have completed ADIT in the last six months, and can now add the post-nominals ‘ADIT’ after their name, including the first students to achieve ADIT from Belarus, Canada, Gibraltar and Lithuania.

CIOT President, Chris Jones, commented:

“I offer my congratulations to all candidates who passed the examinations in June. ADIT is a highly regarded international tax qualification, respected for the rigour and relevance of its syllabus. Candidates achieving a pass in one or more exams should feel proud for having demonstrated a very high level of technical knowledge and ability.

“The ADIT family has now grown to encompass over 100 countries; candidates from 60 nations sat exams in June 2015 either in their home country or elsewhere. The qualification grows each year and students from an increasingly diverse range of countries are recognising the merits of becoming an ADIT-qualified international tax practitioner.

“The June exam session was the first to take place under the new ADIT qualification structure, and saw the first sitting of two new thematic papers: EU VAT, and Upstream Oil and Gas. We expect the new qualification structure, following the introduction of a second examination session last year, to continue to offer more choice to ADIT candidates and assure stakeholders that ADIT remains accessible and relevant in a fast-changing international tax environment.

“We hope that those who have achieved the qualification will, if they are not already Chartered Tax Advisers (CTAs), choose to continue their relationship with the CIOT by becoming International Tax Affiliates.”

Notes for editors

1. ADIT (the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation) is a modular qualification with three examinations, of which Paper 2 or Paper 3 may be substituted by a thesis. Those who have completed all the elements to be awarded the qualification may use the designatory letters “ADIT”. ADIT is a free-standing qualification which does not give the right to membership of The Chartered Institute of Taxation. However, ADIT holders may apply to become an “International Tax Affiliate of The Chartered Institute of Taxation”. This ongoing link with the CIOT will entitle the individual to receive a number of benefits.

Our goal is to make ADIT a truly international qualification. As this vision is realised, international tax practitioners moving from one country to another will share an internationally recognised qualification that sets a global benchmark in international tax expertise. The ADIT standard is supervised by an Academic Board of distinguished and highly respected international tax professionals.

For further details please see the ADIT website:

2. Awards

The Heather Self Medal for the highest marks in Paper 1 – Principles of International Taxation
The medal has been awarded to Fred Hill of Thatcham, who is employed by EY in Reading.

The International Fiscal Association Prize for the highest marks in Paper 2 – Advanced International Taxation (Jurisdiction)
The prize has been awarded to Amy Sheehan of Cork, Ireland, who is employed by Deloitte in Dublin and sat Paper 2.10: United States option.

The Raymond Kelly Medal for the highest marks in Paper 2 – Advanced International Taxation (Jurisdiction): United Kingdom option
The medal has been awarded to Kathleen Meg Swanson of Barnet, who is employed by Mayer Brown International LLP in London.

The Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers Medal for the highest marks in Paper 3 – Advanced International Taxation (Thematic)
The medal has been awarded to Angus Stuart of Hong Kong, who is employed by Clearwater International Ltd in Hong Kong and sat Paper 3.04: Upstream Oil and Gas option.

The CCH Prize for the highest marks in Paper 3 – Advanced International Taxation (Thematic): Transfer Pricing option
The prize has been awarded to Richard Ian Harries of Selby, who is employed by Deloitte in Leeds.


Distinctions were awarded to Heather Abel of London, who is employed by Shell in London; Neil Christopher Bowen of Hong Kong, who is employed by BNP Paribas in Hong Kong; Jin Breed of Great Missenden; Nisha Chandak of Mumbai, India; Karen Laura Fisher of Purley, who is employed by EDF Trading Ltd in London; Hoang Phan of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, who is employed by Deloitte in Ho Chi Minh City; and Amy Sheehan of Cork, Ireland, who is employed by Deloitte in Dublin, for excellence in three examination papers.

As a result of the June 2015 examinations, the following individuals have now completed all the components to be awarded the ADIT qualification and may now use the designatory letters ‘ADIT’:

Abel, H (London, United Kingdom) *
Arora, N (Sahibabad, India)
Aughton, E (London, United Kingdom)
Azzopardi, J (Swatar, Malta)
Bal, A (Leiden, Netherlands)
Bawa, M (Delhi, India)
Becker, M (St. Julian's, Malta)
Bowen, N C (Quarry Bay, Hong Kong) *
Breed, J (Great Missenden, United Kingdom) *
Butler, C G (Brighton, United Kingdom)
Chandak, G (Mumbai, India)
Chandak, N (Mumbai, India) *
Chetty, N (Cheltenham, United Kingdom)
Christou, C (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Chrysanthou, A (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Clements, R J (Ross-on-Wye, United Kingdom)
Conrad, S M (Thame, United Kingdom)
Croasdale, P S (London, United Kingdom)
Csakvari, G (Ashford, United Kingdom)
Davis, E R (Romsey, United Kingdom)
Filippov, D (London, United Kingdom)
Fisher, K L (Purley, United Kingdom) *
Gafan, G P (Gibraltar)
Galea, S (Naxxar, Malta)
Goel, R (Delhi, India)
Gowrea, G (Rose Hill, Mauritius)
Grajauskas, M (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Gregoriades, A (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Grivaki, A (Athens, Greece)
Gunasekaran, K (Sharjah, United Arab Emirates)
Gupta, S (Singapore)
Hadjihannas, M (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Haigh, A (Teddington, United Kingdom)
Hashmi, M A (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Hofmeyr, K L (Cape Town, South Africa)
Hyde, J (St. Helier, Channel Islands)
Karonias, P (Lakatamia, Cyprus)
Kefford, A N (Exeter, United Kingdom)
Kokkari, A (London, United Kingdom)
Kondrataite, I (Paris, France)
Kurupati, K K (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Kyriakides, P (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Lee, A C D (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)
Marinou, P (Larnaca, Cyprus)
Massey, A E (Hull, United Kingdom)
Mavromoustaki, V (Limassol, Cyprus)
McDiarmid, E A (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
Mungra, R (Triolet, Mauritius)
Murphy, S (Dublin, Ireland)
O'Connor, I M (Ennis, Ireland)
Onbasi, M (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Parkes, A R (Epsom, United Kingdom)
Parsooramen, M C J (Quatre Bornes, Mauritius)
Phan, H (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) *
Pivovarova, O (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Pozdnyakov, M (Limassol, Cyprus)
Rodgers, F C (East Grinstead, United Kingdom)
Sandman, S L (London, United Kingdom)
Shah, P (Mumbai, India)
Sheehan, A (Cork, Ireland) + *
Sow, C (Lasalle, Canada)
Strachuk, V (Minsk, Belarus)
Stuart, A (Hong Kong) +
Syrimis, G (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Takagi, Y (Tokyo, Japan)
Tselepos, N (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Tziambos, A (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Vaidya, A (Pune, India)
Zotov, Y (Bromley, United Kingdom)

+ = Award Winner
* = Distinction for overall performance in three examination papers or two examination papers and a thesis

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