Press release: Tax body welcomes new Executive Chair of HMRC

The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) has welcomed the appointment of Edward Troup as Executive Chair of HMRC.

The Government confirmed today that Mr Troup will be the Executive Chair of HMRC and First Permanent Secretary, while Jon Thompson will be Chief Executive. The arrangements for assuring large tax settlements in HMRC will be reviewed in April after they both have started.

The appointments were announced on the same day as the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC) published a report on HMRC’s deal with Google. It said that HMRC should lead the way in the reform of International tax rules.

John Cullinane, CIOT Tax Policy Director, said:

“We welcome the appointment of Edward Troup as HMRC’s Executive Chair. It is important to have a tax specialist with deep expertise in policy making leading HMRC at a time of unparalleled public interest in taxation.

“It is sensible for the Government and HMRC to take the opportunity to review the assurance process in light of the wider public interest in large settlements and there being a new Executive Chair who may add a new perspective.

“Much of the public’s interest in taxation at the moment is the result of the much publicised HMRC deal with Google. It is important to consider that Google’s tax planning arrangements highlighted in the PAC report seem directed at flaws in the US system rather than comprising anything that would impact their tax paid in the UK.”

Under the new leadership structure, Mr Troup will chair HMRC’s Board and Mr Thompson will chair HMRC’s Executive Committee and will be the Accounting Officer for HMRC.

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