Press release: From Hanoi to Houston, ADIT exams sat in record 50 cities

June 2018 saw more than 600 ADIT (Advanced Diploma in International Taxation) students sit their exams in a record 50 cities around the world.

The June exams were hosted in new ADIT locations including Barcelona, Dar es Salaam and Hanoi, and 67 per cent of all students opted for the CIOT’s on-screen exam method. We are pleased to confirm that, of the 643 students who sat exams, 459 passed at least one exam.

The ADIT qualification is now held by 918 tax professionals in 73 countries and territories. A total of 139 students have completed ADIT in the last six months and can now add the post-nominals ‘ADIT’ after their name, including the first ADIT graduates in Bahrain, Jordan and Tunisia.

Inaugural Wood Mackenzie Prize awarded

The June 2018 exam session also saw the inaugural award of the Wood Mackenzie Prize which recognises the highest scoring pass in this year’s Upstream Oil and Gas exam. The Prize has been awarded to Gareth Charles Lewis, of Houston, Texas, USA, who is employed at EY.

The establishment of the Wood Mackenzie Prize reflects the increase in the number of entries for the Upstream Oil and Gas module. This is the result of tax professionals from a range of energy companies embarking upon their ADIT studies together with advisers at professional service firms who assist clients in matters relating to the taxation of the oil and gas industry.

Wood Mackenzie is a provider of research and consultancy services for the global energy, chemicals, metals and mining industries. You can find details of the different medals and prizes available to ADIT students at

A full list of award winners and successful students in the June 2018 exam session can be found at

CIOT President Ray McCann said:

“I am delighted at the continued achievement of ADIT students across the world, and offer the fullest congratulations on behalf of the CIOT to those who completed ADIT or passed exams in June.

“I extend particular congratulations to Gareth Charles Lewis on receiving the first Wood Mackenzie Prize, and to the other ADIT students who have been awarded medals or prizes, and those who have achieved ADIT with the highest distinction grade.

“It is also very encouraging to observe the continued success of those students who have chosen to sit the ADIT United Kingdom module as part of the ACA CTA Joint Programme. Thirteen students are now eligible to become CIOT members (subject to the experience requirements) as a result of their passing the June 2018 ADIT UK module.

“We are delighted that a record number of ADIT holders are now directly involved in the promotion and development of the ADIT qualification and brand, whether by subscribing as International Tax Affiliates of the CIOT, supporting the ADIT team at international tax events, or contributing testimonials in support of the positive impact of ADIT studies for today’s international tax practitioner.

“The ADIT qualification offers a unique means of developing and proving one’s mastery of a range of international tax concepts and practical skills. ADIT take-up continues to grow around the world, evident by the ever-increasing number of exam locations.”

Students completing the ADIT qualification are encouraged to continue their relationship with the CIOT by becoming International Tax Affiliates, thereby maintaining a valuable link to our global branch network and helping to ensure that the CIOT is able to support and represent international tax professionals.

Notes for editors:

  1. There are two windows to sit ADIT exams every year, in June and December. The first CIOT ADIT exams were in 2004. More information about ADIT can be found here. The key benefits of gaining the ADIT qualification are that it is a global benchmark of quality and an independent means of demonstrating international tax knowledge and ability. Its portability is also attractive to students and employers and it is a demonstration of a student’s expertise in multiple countries and international tax subjects. The CIOT administers and awards ADIT students. Those who complete the ADIT are entitled to put the designatory letters 'ADIT' after their name and the opportunity to become an International Tax Affiliate of the CIOT.
  2. Exams were sat in 50 cities in June 2018, a record for ADIT.
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