Press release: Growth in popularity of ADIT qualification continues

A record number of tax professionals sat ADIT (Advanced Diploma in International Taxation) exams in 2017.

The total number of people who sat ADIT exams during 2017 was 884, compared to 750 students in 2016 and 642 the year earlier (2015).

In the latest sitting,1 a total of 404 students sat ADIT exams in December 2017 via the on-screen method, with exams taking place in 48 cities around the world; new ADIT exam locations included Atlanta, Canberra and Hamburg. Of these 404 students, the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) is delighted to announce that 309 students passed at least one exam.

The ADIT qualification is now held by tax practitioners in 69 countries and territories. A total of 190 students have completed ADIT in the last 12 months, and can now add the post-nominals ‘ADIT’ after their name.

CIOT President John Preston said:

“On behalf of the Institute I offer congratulations to candidates on their ADIT achievements during last December’s exams.

“The number of students sitting and passing ADIT exams has continued to grow, and candidates come from more countries than ever before. This is indicative of the ever-greater recognition afforded to this qualification, as a means of demonstrating and improving one’s understanding of international tax concepts. It is also a test of one’s ability to apply that understanding across a range of real-world situations.

“Any student who successfully completes the ADIT qualification should feel incredibly proud to join the community of ADIT holders, all of whom have proven their academic aptitude in the study of international tax and many of whom have chosen to continue their relationship with the Institute by becoming International Tax Affiliates of the CIOT.

“I am delighted to see a number of UK HM Revenue & Customs’ employees among the highest scoring students who qualify for the distinction grade and the various awards offered for the best exam performances. ADIT is now recognised as an important qualification and a mark of genuine quality in international tax practice, by revenue authorities in a number of countries.

“The international tax landscape continues to evolve, and ADIT will continue to develop in order to ensure that the ADIT benchmark remains able to meet the needs of the profession; we look forward to the first sitting of our new Brazil exam option in June 2018, as well as a second yearly sitting for our popular EU VAT option this December.”

Notes for editors

1. There are two windows to sit ADIT exams every year, in June and December. The first CIOT ADIT exams were in 2004. More information about ADIT can be found here. The key benefits of gaining the ADIT qualification are that it is a global benchmark of quality and an independent means of demonstrating international tax knowledge and ability. Its portability is also attractive to students and employers and it is a demonstration of a student’s expertise in multiple countries and international tax subjects. The CIOT administers and awards ADIT students. Those who complete the ADIT are entitled to put the designatory letters 'ADIT' after their name and the opportunity to become an International Tax Affiliate of the CIOT.

2. Awards

The Heather Self Medal for the best performance in Paper 1 – Principles of International Taxation
The medal has been awarded to Mr Konstantinos Krimpas of Chalindri, Greece, who is employed by PwC.

The Raymond Kelly Medal for the best performance in Paper 2 – Advanced International Taxation (Jurisdiction): United Kingdom option
The medal has been awarded to Ms Elinor Crockford of Abingdon, United Kingdom, who is employed by HMRC in London.

The Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers Medal for the best overall performance in Paper 3 – Advanced International Taxation (Thematic)
The medal has been awarded to Mr Sam El-Grew of Isleworth, United Kingdom, who is employed by HMRC in London and sat Paper 3.01: EU Direct Tax option.

The Croner-i Prize for the best performance in Paper 3 – Advanced International Taxation (Thematic): Transfer Pricing option
The prize has been awarded to Mr Ryan McMahonof Watford, United Kingdom, who is employed by HMRC in London.

Distinctions were awarded for excellence in three examinations, or two examinations and an extended essay, to the following successful candidates:

  • Dr Matthew Bacon of London, United Kingdom, who is employed by HMRC;
  • Mr Damon Goudie of Aberdeen, United Kingdom, who is employed by HMRC in Liverpool;
  • Mr Alexander Haller of Munich, Germany, who is employed by WTS;
  • Mr Rory McGrath of Leeds, United Kingdom, who is employed by HMRC;
  • Mr Ryan McMahon of Watford, United Kingdom, who is employed by HMRC in London; and
  • Mr Aris Michael Michaelides of Nicosia, Cyprus, who is employed by Deloitte.

As a result of the December 2017 examinations, the following individuals have now completed all the components to be awarded the ADIT qualification and may now use the designatory letters ‘ADIT’

Arun, S R (Wembley, United Kingdom)
Bacon, M (London, United Kingdom) *
Bees, H (London, United Kingdom)
Boeriu, R (London, United Kingdom)
Caruana, K (Ghaxaq, Malta)
Chrysostomou, A (Limassol, Cyprus)
Clarke, A (Dublin, Ireland)
Constantinou, D (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Dickson, A J R (Sevenoaks, United Kingdom)
Dimofanous, S (Limassol, Cyprus)
Dippie, S (Livingston, United Kingdom)
El-Grew, S (Isleworth, United Kingdom) +
Evripidou, C (Limassol, Cyprus)
Gorobchenko, A (London, United Kingdom)
Goudie, D (Aberdeen, United Kingdom) *
Greenwood, J L (Welwyn, United Kingdom)
Grynova, K (London, United Kingdom)
Guan, N (Hong Kong)
Gyan-Quansah, A (Accra, Ghana)
Haller, A (Munich, Germany) *
Huszar, E (London, United Kingdom)
Invernizzi, B (Cremeno, Italy)
Kamperi, E (Athens, Greece)
Kashalaba, J (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)
Kouali, A (Limassol, Cyprus)
Langford, D (Reading, United Kingdom)
Langford, I (Reading, United Kingdom)
Latisenoks, A (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Leung, H K A (Hong Kong)
MacHado, T (St Helier, Channel Islands)
Mastacaneanu, I D (Piatra Neamt, Romania)
McGrath, R (Leeds, United Kingdom) *
McMahon, R (Watford, United Kingdom) + *
Mezina, E (Doha, Qatar)
Michaelides, A M (Nicosia, Cyprus) *
Micouris, G (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Muscat, T M (St Paul's Bay, Malta)
Nicolaou, M (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Oanea, N L (Bucharest, Romania)
O'Neill, E (Strathaven, United Kingdom)
Papanicolaou, K (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Pu, Y (Hong Kong)
Rychikhina, E (London, United Kingdom)
Savu, S (Targu Jiu, Romania)
Shah, T (Ahmedabad, India)
Simpson, L (Stillorgan, Ireland)
Stylianou, S (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Temenou, M (Limassol, Cyprus)
Thakral, S (Hisar, India)
Tong, M Y (Hong Kong)
White, A (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Yenagrites, M (Limassol, Cyprus)

+ = Award Winner
* = Distinction for overall performance in three examinations, or two examinations and an extended essay

Candidates may present an extended essay in place of either Paper 2 or Paper 3. The following candidates successfully completed an extended essay in the period between August 2017 and January 2018 and completed the required examination papers prior to the December 2017 sitting. Therefore, they have now completed all the components to be awarded the ADIT qualification and may use the designatory letters ‘ADIT’:

Pinisetty, S P (Hyderabad, India)
Regensburger, B (Berlin, Germany)
Wilson, P (Singapore)

The following candidates have met the ACA CTA Joint Programme examination requirements of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales as a result of the ADIT December 2017 examination session:

Fox, J (High Wycombe, United Kingdom)
Watts, B (Chester, United Kingdom)

Candidates who have passed individual papers are listed in the December 2017 Paper Pass List, available at

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