Press release: CIOT coins new ADIT module in international taxation of banking

The CIOT is pleased to announce the launch of a new module on international tax and the banking industry, as part of its ADIT qualification.

The new module1 will cover topics such as investment banking, capital and global markets, asset financing and management, private banking and wealth management, and will be of interest to tax professionals working for, or advising, financial service institutions around the world.

CIOT President Ray McCann said:

“The new Banking module will benefit tax professionals, their firms and clients by distilling essential and cutting-edge knowledge of the tax issues concerning banks and financial institutions into a syllabus and exam that can be studied and sat around the world. Successful students will have demonstrated their expertise in international bank related taxation to the very high standard demanded by the exam.”

The Banking module is one of 17 option modules available to ADIT students, who are required to pass any two option modules in addition to the compulsory Principles of International Taxation module in order to achieve the full ADIT qualification. The first exam for the Banking module will take place in June 2019.

The Banking module is the newest addition to an expanding range of optional ADIT modules, which now cover industries from banking to oil and gas, along with 12 national and supra-national jurisdictions representing approximately 70 per cent of the world economy.2

Ray McCann said:

“The continued growth and development of ADIT to serve an ever-increasing community of international tax practitioners and their employers speaks volumes to ADIT’s value as a mark of quality in international tax. ADIT continues to be a versatile way of demonstrating technical knowledge and practical skills in the study and application of international tax across a range of subjects.”

Notes for editors

  1. For further information about the Banking module, visit
  2. Source of statistic is the IMF World Economic Outlook, 2018. There are 11 country jurisdictions that ADIT has modules for, plus the EU.
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